Trail Alert: Myopia Polo Arena parking and Spring Run in Willowdale

by on May 8, 2017

Trail Alerts!

For everyone who uses Myopia polo arena:  that the area around the polo arena will be off limits from May 9-20th because of parked tractor trailers and tents behind the arena. If equestrians wish to exercise or play polo in the arena, they may trailer in and park on the hillside along 1A and walk up the side road to the gate of the arena.

For all trail users:  ECTA will be hosting our annual Spring for the Trails Half Marathon in Willowdale State Forest this Saturday, May 13th.  Below is a map of our course. There will be runners along this route from 8am to 12pm, so please be courteous and avoid this area during this time.  We very much appreciate it!