Trail Stewards

Trail Stewards are volunteers who are avid trail users and perform the critical task of alerting ECTA to any trail issue that needs to be addressed.  If you are aware of trails that are impassable due to downed trees, overgrown brush, or other items, please contact your Trail Steward or ECTA directly, and we will do our best to take care of it promptly.  You can click on their name to send an email.


Kay Joseph
Julie DePaolis
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I-1: Hood Pond/Willowdale West: Vance Garry
I-2: Ipswich Country Club/Dow Brook: Ralph Williams, Joshua Regula
I-3: Jewett Hill: Ralph Williams
I-4: Willowdale East/Turner Hill Country Club: Ralph Williams, Joshua Regula
I-5: Turkey Hill/Downtown:
I-6: Jeffreys Neck/Great Neck:
I-7: Turner Hill Farm/Mill Road: 
I-8: Waldingfield/County Road: Nat Pulsifer, Joe Sandulli
I-9: Maplecroft/Argilla/Labor-in-Vain: Alex Van Alen, Joe Sandulli
I-10: NE Biolabs/Lakemans Lane: Alex Van Alen
I-11: Appleton Farms: Nat Pulsifer
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HW-1: Bradley Palmer: Judi Milano, Bea Britton
HW-2: Groton House Farm: Judi Milano, Susanna Colloredo
HW-3: Appleton Farms Grass Rides: Susan Lawrence
HW-4: Gardner Street/Sagamore Hill: Diane Curr
HW-5: Asbury Street/Vineyard Hill: Judi Milano, Bea Britton
HW-6: Pingree Reservation/Harvard Forest: Susan Lawrence, Susanna Colloredo, Camilla Rich
HW-7: Schooling Field/Rock Maple: Susan Lawrence
HW-8: Bridge Street: Liz Wheaton
HW-9: Wenham Swamp/Downtown:
HW-10: Myopia Hunt Club: Liz Wheaton
HW-11: Iron Rail/Chebacco Woods: Sue McLaughlin
HW-12: Maple Street/Cedar Pond/Wenham Canal/JC Philips: Deborah Stanton
HW-13: Larch Row: Deborah Stanton
HW-14: Long Hill:
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T-1: Pye Brook/Washington Street: Joe Geller
T-2: Great Hill/North Street:
T-3: Campmeeting Road/Willowdale East: Elaine Robson
T-4: Perkins Row/Audubon:
T-5: River Road: Peter Campot
T-6: Rail Trail/Pingrees Hill: Joe Geller
T-7: High Street/Rowley Bridge Road: Martha Sanders
T-8: Rea Farm Hill/English Commons:
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West Newbury

We are currently in the process of designating the following zones to the trail stewards listed below:
WN-1: Carrs Hill/Brake Hill – Felicity Beech
WN-2: Crane Neck Hill/Crane Pond – Deborah Hamilton
WN-3: Ash Street/Cherry Hill – Deborah Hamilton
WN-4: Indian Hill/Pikes Bridge/Ordway Reservation – Coltin Omasta
WN-5: Garden Street/Emery House – Deborah Hamilton, Felicity Beech
WN-6: Riverbend/Long Hill – John Dodge
WN-7: Mill Pond/Pipestave Hill – Deborah Hamilton
WN-8: Cammett Field/Church Street – Felicity Beech
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