Run for the Trails Muddy Fun

by on November 7, 2009

Once again, ECTA’s 5th Annual Run for the Trails was a great success for all involved.  The runners raved about the course and our thanks go esepcially to Linda and Professor John Donovan for hosting the event on their beautiful farm.  The course wound for 5 miles through the countryside, woods and fields.  Carol Lloyd once again did a fantastic job laying it out.  We had runners from as far away as Maine and several, including the men’s winner, Andy Whittaker, who came up from Boston/Cambridge.   And congratulations to Kristen Cappello for inching out Alison Fisher to be the winner of the Womens Division.  Thanks to all who came out to volunteer and run and we look forward to seeing you all again next year.

Thanks to our Sponsors:

Gold: Instituion For Savings

Silver: EBSCO, Brinck Lowery, New England Running Company/Salomon Sports, First National Bank of Ipswich and Manchester Athletic Club.

TR winners 123 1 TR STart 2

See the full results below:

Five Mile Run
Youth (Under 20)
Zac Pinciaro 41:24:00
Open (20-39)
Kristen Cappello 44:01:00
Alison Fisher 44:03:00
Nicole Whitten 48:31:00
Ashley Mesquita 59:50:00
Jennifer MacVittie 59:52:00
Melissa Ulrich 59:50:00
Kerri McNeil 59:59:00
Melinda Conville 1:03:41
Andy Whitaker 32:57:00
Jay McCabe 34:21:00
Alex Loijos 34:29:00
Damien  Chaviano 36:01:00
Nathan Fleming 46:42:00
Masters (40+)
Lisa Riordan 46:56:00
Judy Joynt 52:53:00
Alison Black 1:01:17
Gail Reilly 1:03:12
Terry Lee Harrington 1:27:59
Doug DeAngelis 35:48:00
John Wigglesworth 40:14:00
Ed Mulvey 41:10:00
Walter Johnson 42:15:00
Chub Whitten 44:31:00
Anthony Fusco 46:19:00
Tom Griffith 49:14:00
David Santomenna 51:54:00
Paul Sasson 54:06:00
Robert Shrater 59:59:00
Richard LeBoeuf 1:13:40
Ten Mile Run
Open (20-39)
Mary Germino 1:21:34
Jennifer Anderson 1:36:10
Michelle Roy 1:37:24
David Stamp 1:12:05
Hermes Taylor 1:21:20
David Stamp 1:15:38
Masters (40+)
Cynthia Brown 1:41:21
Kate Stevens 1:58:47
Robert Nevin 1:21:30
Mark Stein 1:32:40
John Tragert 1:35:57
Franz Buzawa 1:36:00
Thomas Parker 1:36:10
John Theriault 1:58:54
Tim Creamer 1:41:20