Webmap Sponsorship

Essex County Trail Association’s Webmap Sponsorship Program

The Essex County Trail Association Webmap Sponsorship Program allows businesses, organizations, individuals or families to support the work that ECTA accomplishes every year while also receiving some recognition through the trail description pages of our website.  Sponsors can choose a trail description page to support, and will be entitled to place their company’s logo, or photo and a link to their website if desired on that page.  The page will read:  “This trail description generously supported by ABC Hiking Company” followed by a logo and a link to ABC Hiking Company’s website.  It could just as easily read:  “This trail description generously supported by the Robin Family”, with a photo (and a link if desired.)

Sponsorships are good for a full year and are offered on a first come, first served basis.  Only one sponsorship per trail description will be offered but sponsors are welcome to choose one or more trail descriptions to sponsor.

In order to sign up, please email ECTA at info@ectaonline.org with your first three choices (in case some are already taken), and if you desire, include a logo or photo you would like to add to the page and either send a check to:


PO Box 358

Hamilton, MA 01936

Or make a donation online at https://www.ectaonline.org/support/donate .  Once we receive the information and the donation, we will post your sponsorship on the website!  For more information, call our office at 978-468-1133 or email at office@ectaonline.org.

Sponsorships of $500/yr

Bradley Palmer State Park

Appleton Farms

Appleton Farms Grass Rides

Crane Beach

Sponsorships at $250/yr


Wilderness Conservation Area


Chebacco Woods

Harvard Forest

Manchester Watershed

Pingree Reservation

Vineyard Hill Area

Willowdale Mill Reservation


Dow/Bull Brook Reservoirs

Greenwood Farm

Hamlin Reservation

Historic Ipswich

Julia Bird Reservation

New England Biolabs

Nichols Field

Prospect Hill

Sandy Point State Reservation

Shady Creek Conservation Area

Steep Hill/Cedar Point

Strawberry Hill

Town Hill

Turner Hill

Willowdale State Forest – East

Willowdale State Forest – West


Bare Hill

Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary

Pye Brook Park

Salem Beverly Canal

Topsfield Town Forest

Willowdale Meadow Reservation

Willowdale State Forest – East

Willowdale State Forest – West


Cedar Pond

Gordon College

Iron Rail

J.C. Phillips Nature Preserve

Long Hill

Manchester Watershed

Salem Beverly Canal

West Newbury

Brake Hill

Chestnut Hill Farm

Indian Hill Reservation

Indian Hill Reservoir

Maudslay State Park

Mill Pond/Pipestave Hill

Ordway Reservation

Page School

Pikes Bridge Road

Riverbend Conservation Area and River Road Trail